Máy cơ khí CHLB Đức, first-class 100% made in Germany
Máy khuấy cầm tay MXE PQ 1100 + WR2 120 | CHLB Đức Premium Quality

 Ưu điểm

  • Large, rugged single-speed gear unit with optimum gear ratio for high torque
  • FR full-wave electronic control: with soft start, temperature monitoring, overload protection and accelerator switch - for a controlled run-up to the optimum mixing speed. Sustained power in all speed ranges
  • Ergonomic handles on the drive unit: low weight, fatigue-free arm posture and upright body posture allow comfortable, ergonomic operation. With anti-slip coating
  • Four corner guards with rubber buffer and inserted metal plate provide secure storage during transportation and offer protection against shocks and impacts at the building site
  • Protective cap above the motor housing guides the cooling air flow and prevents the ingress of rain water
  • The flexible rubber grommet over the on/off switch prevents the ingress of dirt. No malfunctions caused by jammed switches
  • The tried-and-trusted standard mixer is ideal for users operating mainly in the low speed range
  • With mixing paddle for mixture: pasty to tough. Tile adhesive, grout, filler compound, adhesive, finished plaster, adhesive mortar, ...




Prices: 17.000.000 VNĐ

           : 18.500.000 VNĐ

Giá bao gồm   
1 WR2 helix paddle 120x600 M14 368.881
1 open-ended wrench SW 19  
1 open-ended wrench SW 22
Thông số kỹ thuật
No load speed 150-530 rpm
Power input 1080 watt
Power output 650 watt
Tool fixture M 14
Clamping neck Ø 43 mm
Max. mixing paddle Ø 140 mm
Weight 4,7 kg

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Phụ kiện
» Spiral paddle RR2

Two negatively arranged spirals force the material down, preventing the liquid material from splashing. Ideal for mixing liquid to tough material: Paint, emulsions, varnishes, glazes, coatings, paste, bitumen.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Paddle in mm Mix in kg QTY/PKG Order no.
RR2 120x600 M14 120 Ø 20-40 1 368.903

» Helix paddle WR2

Two clockwise helices for kneading and mixing tough to pasty materials. The mixer paddle screws itself down forcing the material upwards. Extremely versatile, can be used for: tile adhesive, grout, filler, finished plaster, adhesive mortar, filler compound, floor screed.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Paddle in mm Mix in kg QTY/PKG Order no.
WR2 120x600 M14 120 Ø 15-25 1 368.881

» Helix paddle WR3R

Three clockwise helices screw themselves into the material. This provides fast, intensive mixing of even the heaviest and toughest mixtures, with little effort. Also known as a mortar or tough mixture paddle. Ideal for: mortar, concrete, plaster, screed, plasterboard bonding compound, bitumen coating.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Paddle in mm Mix in kg QTY/PKG Order no.
WR3R 120x600 M14 120 Ø 15-25 1 368.911

» Helix paddle WR3L

Three anticlockwise helices press down the mix in the container. Any deposited pigments, solids or fibres are forced upwards and evenly mixed. The mix does not splash. Ideal for liquid and creamy mix: paints, emulsion paints, gypsum plaster, casting compounds, fibrous materials.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Paddle in mm Mix in kg QTY/PKG Order no.
WR3L 120x600 M14 120 Ø 15-25 1 369.055

» Disc paddle SR2

Two discs with counter-running angled blades create a dynamic flow in the mixing container. The blades on the discs force the material being mixed in opposing directions downwards or upwards. Ideal for mixing liquid to tough material: Paint, emulsion, paste, glue, jointing mortar.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Paddle in mm Mix in kg QTY/PKG Order no.
SR2 120x600 M14 120 Ø 15-25 1 368.938

» Beater RB

Round mixing arms prevent air bubbles from being mixed in. Ideal for all materials where air pockets are to be avoided: filler compounds, fillers, adhesives, sealants.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Paddle in mm Mix in kg QTY/PKG Order no.
RB 120x600 M14 120 Ø 10-30 1 369.152




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