Máy cơ khí CHLB Đức, first-class 100% made in Germany
Máy đánh bóng, L PQ 602 VR |CHLB Đức

 Ưu điểm

  • Powerful 1500 watt motor with high degree of efficiency
  • VR electronics: stepless speed selection, constant speed control by means of tachogenerator, overload protection and temperature monitor
  • Integrated air deflection: protects against direct air flow
  • Perfect cooling for heavy-duty use.
  • Optimum handling by balanced weight distribution and 3 grip variants, depending on use
  • Rubber rest bar protects machine and surface of workpiece when changing pads
  • Spindle lock


Giá bao gồm   
1 side handle 252.721
1 bail handle 287.709
1 velcro pad 150 Ø 350.745
1 polishing sponge PS-B 200  
1 microfibre polishing cloth MW-C  
1 SpecialPolish 250 ml 376.574
1 NanoPolish & Wax 250 ml 376.566
Thông số kỹ thuật
Max. polishing pad diameter 220 mm
Max. back-up pad diameter 175 mm
No load speed 400-2400 rpm
Power input 1500 watt
Power output 1000 watt
Tool fixture M 14
Weight 3,3 kg
Phụ kiện
» SpecialPolish

Silicon-fee, fine polishing compound for a high-degree of material removal and a medium gloss. For removing, for instance, ingrained dust, paint mists, fine scratches in combination with the lambswool. Together with the right sponge, ideally suited for removing signs of wear, restoring weathered paints.

Contents QTY/PKG Order no.
250 ml 1 376.574

» NanoPolish & Wax

Silicon-free, high-gloss polish with nano compound particles and carnauba wax. For polishing new to slightly scratched paints.Ideal for scratch-resistant paintwork. Also gives a perfect finish to paintwork pre-treated with the fine polishing compound. High-gloss finish and protection in one.

Contents QTY/PKG Order no.
250 ml 1 376.566

» Microfibre polishing cloth, premium

Thanks to the very high soft pile, residues can be picked up reliably and gently. This is what makes the microfibre cloth ideal for an optimum paint finish. It can also be used for car wash purposes. Long service life. washing machine safe (without softener).

Dimensions in mm QTY/PKG Order no.
400 x 400 1 376.531

» Backed fleece

Fibre-back and M 14 threaded flange for removing scratches in glass, stainless steel, acrylic and high-gloss polishing of stainless steel. Use only with the respective polishing mediums.

Dimensions in mm QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø 1 122.726
175 Ø 1 122.734

» Velcro backing M 14

Elastic backing pad with velcro cover.

Dimensions in mm Designation QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø Velcro bowl 1 231.983

» Polishing sponge, blue

Sponge of a medium-hard, coarse foam structure and high resistance 

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