Máy cơ khí CHLB Đức, first-class 100% made in Germany
Máy cưa đĩa cầm tay Nhật Bản 100% cutters, powerful cutters offering high performance


-Brake with increased safety installed. 
-Improved reliability of the quick vice. 
-Positive clamping with a large vice. 
-Wide improvement of accuracy because of a high-rigidity die-cast head.
Used power supply Rated
Power consumption力 no-load
Weight Standard accessories
Single-phase AC 
100V 50/60Hz
15A 1,450W
(body onry)
(global SAW for iron)
and stainless steel)
-Protective goggles 
-Auxiliary cover 
-Hexagon wrench 
Single-phase AC 
100V 50/60Hz
15A 1,450W
(body onry)
(global SAW for iron)
and stainless steel)
*Angles. *Channel steel. *Lip steel. *VLP pipes. *Conduit pipes. *Steel pipes. *PVD pipes. *Hangers. 
*Raceway. *Alumunum sash. *Round bars. *Stumpy bolts. *Formed steel. *Light-weight materials. 
*steel rods. *Other cutting.

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