Máy cơ khí CHLB Đức, first-class 100% made in Germany
Máy cưa inox ống cầm tay, ASTX PQ 649 -1

 Ưu điểm

 Powerful hacksaw for pipes and profiled sections.

  • Ideally suited for cutting pipes and profiles made of steel, cast iron, autoclaved aerated concrete, and plastics.
  • Clamp and feed device available for profiles and pipes from Ø 3-1/8 in to Ø 24 in.
  • Especially suitable for sandwich material and layers of different materials.
  • Adjustable clamping devices permit mitre cuts up to 45° as well.
  • Chain extension available.


  • Power consumption750 Watts
  • Power output480 Watts
  • Strokes350 rpm
  • Stroke of blade2-3/8 in
  • Cable with plug8 ft


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