Máy cơ khí CHLB Đức, first-class 100% made in Germany
Máy khuấy cầm tay R PQ 1800 VR

 Ưu điểm

  • VR electronic control: tachogenerator-controlled constant speed, soft-start, overload protection and speed selection
  • Spade handle with long side handgrip for easy and safety handling and to absorb the torque
  • Stable safety and deposit hoop: Protects the machine from dirt and damage
  • Extremely powerful, rugged power tool
  • Ideal for mixing very stiff compounds and large quantities
  • Rugged metal composite housing for optimum heat dissipation


Giá bao gồm   
1 handle (long) 259.538
1 helix paddle WR3R 160x600 M14 369.020
1 adapter M 18 x M 14 250.484
1 open-ended wrench SW 24 198.781
Thông số kỹ thuật
No load speed 200-590 rpm
Power input 1800 watt
Power output 1100 watt
Tool fixture M 18
Clamping neck Ø 63 mm
Max. mixing paddle Ø 200 mm
Weight 6,1 kg






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